Content Copywriting for Non-Profit Growth

It's All About Helping Others

Your growth content takes the donor, the volunteer by the hand and guides them clearly to the end goal - increase in growth.

  • Your story is about Helping your target audience
  • You first grab Their Attention
  • Then to your Goal: Converting them to Happy Donors - Happy Volunteers

Your Vision And Mission...

Your Vision and Mission is what guides you during these uncertain times. Through the tough times your non-profit is able to stay on track because your Vision and Mission:

  • Drives all you do to have happy donors-happy volunteers that increases your growth
  • Keeps your focus on the right path
  • Motivates your employees to be a supporting team.  One that builds your non-profit and offers caring donor and volunteer support
  • Makes it easier to create compelling content that attracts leads that convert into happy donors-happy volunteers

Your Vision-Mission Reaching Out To Them

You have an idea, a goal, and a targeted audience.  BUT... How to write your story to help your target audience become happy donors-happy volunteers.

As a professional copywriter, I can write your story that will...

Looking for You

 The Story You Tell  will:
  • Guide them toward your Goal
  • Keep your Vision and Mission in mind throughout
  • Be Honestly Written
  • Appeal and Draw your donors-volunteers in, and clearly steer them toward your goal
  • Reach out and help you have many more Happy Donors- Volunteers

Reaching Out to others through:

Letters for donations of gifts or time, emails, website landing pages, blog posts, event registration letters, or church/ministry profile.


Next Steps...

When you are ready to tell your story to increase your growth -

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Ready to reach out, tell your story, and make happy donors-happy volunteers

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